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Magical Odensjön

Lake Oden, Odensjön
Hidden away in the Nackarpsdalen valley in Röstånga, surrounded by 30-metre high precipices, you can find the circular lake of Odensjön (Odin's Lake). According to folklore in tales of old, there lies an air of mystery over this lake. The formation of the lake remains an anigma, although there are various theories about volcanic craters or subsidence in the bedrock. We now know that the lake is 19 metres deep, which is surprising considering that it is only 150 metres across.

It is said that there is a channel in the depths of the lake linking it with the crypt in Lund Cathedral. Another tale relates how two giants found a place of refuge at the bottom of the lake, where they could no longer hear the sound of the church bells. Lake Odensjön is said to be like the one eye of the god Odin.

Enjoy a concert beside lake Odensjön - a world-class, musical experience

Romantic, musical evenings are arranged every Summer in August at lake Odensjön. These concerts are performed from a floating platform out on the lake, which is lit up by the flames from torches in the dusk of the August evening. The audience is seated on the rocky slopes along the side of the lake.
Publicerad: 2012-02-03

Sidansvarig: Daniel Henriksson

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