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Pre-schools and elementary schools (age 0-12) are located in each village in the municipality of Svalöv. Elemenatary school for older children (age 13-16) is located in the city of Svalöv, so is high school (age 16-19). Students aged 12 or younger have the right to day care after school. The municipality of Svalöv arrange transports to schools located in other municipalitys (if close to the municipality of Svalöv) for students choosing education ouside Svalöv.
There is no international school in the municipality of Svalöv. But for children who lives in the municipality there is a possibility to get education in the international school in Lund or Helsingborg. You reach both cities easily with train or bus.
The Swedish school is committed to integrate children with other background than Swedish to the Swedish school. Students not speaking Swedish get special education in their own language and education in the Swedish language on a basic level. Then the student step by step integrate to the class mates.  
The municipality is responsible to inspect the private pre-schools and the quality of private pre-schools are the same as municipal ones. The charge is the same for all pre-schools.
Application for pre-school can be done as soon as you have decided to move to the municipality of Svalöv. If one parent is home at day time, children aged 0-6 still has the right to be in pre-school 15 hours a week.
Publicerad: 2013-02-01

Sidansvarig: Daniel Henriksson

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