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Söderåsen National Park

Söderåsen National Park

Welcome to the wilderness of Skåne -

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Söderåsen National Park

Come and enjoy the open views, deep rift valleys, shady deciduous forests and flowing waterways. This is northern Europe's largest area of deciduous forest. It is home to various types of beech woods, such as heath beech, meadow beech and hornbeam woods. Impressive slopes bear witness to where the power of nature has been at work. Söderåsen is a rock horst, which was formed when the surrounding bed-rock subsided some 150 million years ago.

The park has a particularly rich variation of flora including many rare species. A large area of Söderåsen streches across the municipality of Svalöv. The national park covers the south east part of Söderåsen and there are two entrances to the park - one at Röstånga and one at Skäralid.

A ridge for all seasons!

Whenever you choose to visit Söderåsen, on foot or by bike, you will always be awed by its beauty.

Sprintime on the ridge greets you with its light verdure and a carpet of wood anemone as far as the eye can see. Summertime tempts you with sugar-sweet wild strawberries, raspberries and sun-kissed blackberries. From the early days of Autumn to the first touch of frost, the area offers an abundance of wild mushrooms. There are no less than six different species of chanterelle mushrooms here. You will need to have a good mushroom and toadstool reference book with you.

In wintertime, the ski centre high up on Söderåsen offers you a welcome. Anyone who enjoys cross-country skiing will discover lots of fine opportunities for a day in the snow.

Publicerad: 2013-02-01

Sidansvarig: Daniel Henriksson

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