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Tourist Centre

Tourist Centre

Visit our beautiful and friendly Tourist Office

At the region's Tourist Office visitors can obtain information about local sights, excursions, events, accomodation and much more.

There is also an exhibition about the culture and nature in Nackarpsdalen, which is part of Söderåsen National Park.

The Tourist Office is open every day from April - September. Tel/Fax +46 435 913 53.E-mail:

You can also get tourist information at Näringsliv & Turism, Svalöv, tel +46 418 47 50 15.

Welcome to Nackarpsdalen

In hilly Röstånga, we find ourselves at the main entrance to Söderåsen National Park. The entrance is right next to the Tourist Office. From there you walk straight into wonderful Nackarpsdalen, the southernmost of the ridge's three rift-valleys. Enjoy a walk along marked countryside trails and marvel at nature's wondrous sights. The "Skåneleden" hiking trail crosses the valley.

A cross-ravine leads to Odensjön, this breathtaking lake that lies sunken deep in its circular hole. Nackarpsdalen is a wide valley, ideal for walks, with grazing animals and pastoral meadows. The pathway that leads to Odensjön allows easy access for wheelchairs.

Take the opportunity to pick up some tips about interesting sights, excusions and events from the Tourist Office.

Publicerad: 2017-11-13

Sidansvarig: Daniel Henriksson


The Tourist Office
Tel/Fax + 46 435 913 53

Tourist Information, Svalöv
Tel +46 418 47 50 73

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