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Travelling to and from Svalöv

Skånetrafiken is the company responsible for the public transport in the municipality of Svalöv, and for the rest of the region Skåne for that matters. It´s easy to go to bigger cities such as Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg and Copenhagen with train. The train passes trough Teckomatorp, Billeberga and Tågarp in the municipality of Svalöv. You could go by bus to and from all localities in the municipality.

There are airports in Malmö, Helsingborg and Copenhagen. Driving time with car from the city of Svalöv is about 1 hour to Malmö Airport (Sturup) and Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport and 1 hour and ten minutes to Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup).

Publicerad: 2013-02-01

Sidansvarig: Daniel Henriksson

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